Low Back Pain Awareness Month

May is Low Back Pain Awareness Month! This month we will be taking a look at the many different causes of Low Back Pain, as well as the effects it can have on the rest of the body. Then we will take a look at how to prevent future low back issues.           Backpack weighing you down?                 One brick too many?                 Improper Continue reading →

Shape ReClaimed

Over the past several years, many of you have approached us with a request for a weight loss support program, and even though we dabbled in a few products here and there, none of the products available on the market quite fit into our “total wellness” mode of thinking.We recently became aware of a practitioner-guided program that fits all the criteria that we require to initiate a program whole-heartedly. SHAPE ReClaimed is a safe, effective homeopathic glycoprotein complex formula Continue reading →

Wellness Scale

Directions: Look over the Wellness Scale and decide what your own personal health index is. Anything below 50 is not considered healthy. Here are some other interesting notes regarding the Wellness Scale: From 30 to 0 on the Wellness Scale, the medical profession awaits. This is where the MD’s work the best and this is the level of health they promote. Their reality is firmly fixed here. This is why many MD’s cannot picture how or why Pressure Point Therapy works and would be very skeptical Continue reading →

We are 60-95% what? – WATER

The human body is more than 60% water. Blood is 92% water The brain and muscles are 75% water Bones are about 22% water A human can survive for a month or more without eating food, but only a week or so without drinking water.   Feeling tired? It may be related to dehydration. Thirst is a late indicator for the onset of dehydration. Even a small loss in the body's water levels can result in lowered awareness, headaches and fatigue. Ever decreasing water levels in the Continue reading →

Change a life forever – help a friend quit smoking

Do you know a smoker? How many times have they lit up guiltily and explained how they are “going to quit soon?” We can have a tendency to blame them for continuing to smoke. We think that they must not really want to quit, or they’re continuing to smoke out of some counter-culture impulse, or maybe they “really must like it.” However, the truth is that nicotine addiction is as hard to overcome as heroin addiction. It is very, very hard to quit smoking. Consider this: Over 70% Continue reading →

Why is it hard to eat better?

Wow. Another holiday is done and I’ve finally put down my fork. It seems that December always gives me the excuses I need to eat a bit more than I should. That’s ok - the trick is to get back to normal, healthy eating. Isn’t it weird how difficult it can be to eat “healthy,” though? Why is that? Shouldn’t it be easier to grab a carrot than a bag of chips? Well, for one thing, we are genetically programmed to go for the fat and sugar. These provide the short- and long-term energy required Continue reading →

Making that new year’s resolution stick

What is it about New Year’s resolutions that make them so difficult to keep? Oh sure, I’ve had some success with them, but no matter my initial enthusiasm, it seems that only the rare resolution makes it all the way to the first flowers of spring. Better yet, is there something we can do to ensure success? Our lives would be better if we could always keep our resolutions. After all, we never make a New Year’s resolution to “eat more fatty foods” or “exercise less frequently.” After Continue reading →

Pressure Point Therapy Workshop

Event: Pressure Point Therapy Workshop Location: Webster Groves Recreation Complex Visit Facebook to reserve a spot for you and a friend HERE! Description: Learn how to do-it-yourself and heal the body naturally. We will take a look at Pressure Points for: Headaches, Low Energy, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, PMS, Sinus Problems, and much more. Join us and bring a friend! Space may be limited call now to confirm you're coming. 314-963-9050 Start Time: 10:00 am Date: 19 September 2013 End Time: Continue reading →

Are you magnesium deficient?

Magnesium and calcium are vital nutrients for our bodies. It is also important that your calcium and magnesium levels are balanced. Calcium and magnesium play exact opposite roles. Calcium makes makes muscles contract and magnesium makes muscles relax. Many people don't realize that magnesium is needed for over 300 biochemical functions. Even though we use up magnesium in our bodies everyday our bodies do not replenish it so we need to refuel it with this mineral. Some of the things magnesium Continue reading →

Pressure Point Therapy Workshop

Title: Pressure Point Therapy WorkshopLocation: Carondelet Park Rec Complex - YMCA 903 Holly Hills St Louis, MO 63111Link out: Click hereDescription: Learn how to do-it-yourself! Pressure Point Therapy is a popular treatment where gentle finger pressure is applied to alleviate: Back Pain, Knee Pain, Joint Pain, Sinus/Allergies, Headaches, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain and Wrist/Hand Pain Space is limited. Call the YMCA at 314-768-9622 Start Time: 11:00amDate: 2013-08-22 Continue reading →