Wellness Scale

Directions: Look over the Wellness Scale and decide what your own personal health index is. Anything below 50 is not considered healthy. Here are some other interesting notes regarding the Wellness Scale: From 30 to 0 on the Wellness Scale, the medical profession awaits. This is where the MD’s work the best and this is the level of health they promote. Their reality is firmly fixed here. This is why many MD’s cannot picture how or why Pressure Point Therapy works and would be very skeptical Continue reading →

We are 60-95% what? – WATER

The human body is more than 60% water. Blood is 92% water The brain and muscles are 75% water Bones are about 22% water A human can survive for a month or more without eating food, but only a week or so without drinking water.   Feeling tired? It may be related to dehydration. Thirst is a late indicator for the onset of dehydration. Even a small loss in the body's water levels can result in lowered awareness, headaches and fatigue. Ever decreasing water levels in the Continue reading →

Change a life forever – help a friend quit smoking

Do you know a smoker? How many times have they lit up guiltily and explained how they are “going to quit soon?” We can have a tendency to blame them for continuing to smoke. We think that they must not really want to quit, or they’re continuing to smoke out of some counter-culture impulse, or maybe they “really must like it.” However, the truth is that nicotine addiction is as hard to overcome as heroin addiction. It is very, very hard to quit smoking. Consider this: Over 70% Continue reading →

Are you magnesium deficient?

Magnesium and calcium are vital nutrients for our bodies. It is also important that your calcium and magnesium levels are balanced. Calcium and magnesium play exact opposite roles. Calcium makes makes muscles contract and magnesium makes muscles relax. Many people don't realize that magnesium is needed for over 300 biochemical functions. Even though we use up magnesium in our bodies everyday our bodies do not replenish it so we need to refuel it with this mineral. Some of the things magnesium Continue reading →

Charley Horse

    Charley Horse is a North American term used to describe painful spasms or cramps especially occurring in the leg muscles where the muscles contract without your control and will not relax.   This type of spasm (i.e. The Charley Horse) often occurs when the muscle is overused or injured, working out with inadequate fluid intake (You're dehydrated!) or when you have low levels of minerals to include calcium, magnesium, potassium or vitamin E.   And finally, some spasms Continue reading →

Vampire beasts, Star Trek and your health

Do you all remember the Star Trek episode quite a few years ago in which this alien creature was able to suck salt right out of a body?  It was an interesting episode.  The creature took on the shape of a beautiful woman and then shifted into an ugly hairy salt sucker with suction cups on its hands.  The salt sucker attached its hands to an unsuspecting victim only to kill it by sucking the salt right out of the body.  One of the big problems in this episode too was that Bones had fallen in love Continue reading →

You are what you digest!

One of the most common things people coming into our office complain about is digestion. Poor digestion may not sound like that big of a deal, but without proper digestion our bodies do not get proper nutrients. Digestion is when our bodies convert the food we eat into substances that we can absorb at a cellular level. People do not realize that digestion is the starting block for immune function. It actually affects our entire overall health! Digestive enzymes are proteins that break down fats, Continue reading →

Chiropractic Helps Ear Infections!

  Trauma to the spine begins in the birthing process. This is why so many small children experience chronic ear infections. During birth many times the vertebrae in the neck become misaligned. Misaligned vertebrae begin to irritate the nerves. When the nerves in you child's neck become irritated it can then begin to iritate the eustachian tube, leading to fluid build up in the middle ear. This is what's causing those agonizing earaches for your child. Getting your child's neck adjusted will Continue reading →

Hot flash? Try a buttercup

Dr. Mattingly, D.C. is pleased to continue to bring you Carolyn Carter's series of blogs about menopause and natural remedies. A friend of mine had a scare last year with what turned out to be benign lumps, and she immediately went off her hormone replacement therapy. She told me she felt like she’d been catapulted back to the beginning of menopause, that she had somehow “delayed the inevitable.” She was miserable. Hot flashes. Inability to sleep. She asked me if I knew of anything Continue reading →

Gall bladder malfunction symptoms and remedies

I am once again happy to have Carolyn Carter giver her input and viewpoint regarding chiropractic - Dr. Mattingly, D.C. On my latest visit to my chiro, I was once again having issues with my stomach. In short, I told him it feels as if there is a constant source of air in my stomach—as if, while I’m sleeping or waking, someone has inserted one of those bicycle air pump into some unknown orifice and is constantly filling my insides with air. I told him I want to burp all the time, but I can’t. Continue reading →