Stop Smoking Now!

Have you tried to quit smoking and failed?

Would you like to quit but are afraid of the withdrawals?

We understand.  Studies have shown that nicotine is 4 times more addictive than heroin.  It’s no wonder, then, that many people want to quit but “never get around to it.”  They think that it’s easier to keep smoking than to face the withdrawals.

You can quit smoking now with auricular therapy.

Auricular therapy is an FDA-approved, holistic approach to quitting smoking.

Unlike replacement therapies, which just replace one form of nicotine with another, therefore leaving the patient addicted to nicotine, auricular therapy eases the withdrawal from cigarettes.

To perform auricular therapy, Dr. Mattingly, D.C. will apply Laser treatment to certain specific points on your ear.  It is painless, but will help immediately to relieve the suffering caused by nicotine addiction and consequent withdrawal symptoms.

Don’t spend another day addicted to nicotine.  If you want to quit, we can help.

For the cost of two cartons of smokes, you can be smoke-free, forever.

As part of the therapy session, you will receive a nutritional advice pamphlet and a book that has been used by millions of people to help them quit smoking – free.

The benefits of living a life free from cigarettes far outweigh the only “benefit” from continuing to smoke – avoidance of withdrawals.

If you could quit smoking without fearing the withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking, wouldn’t you go ahead and do it?

You would.

Don’t hesitate.  You can do it.  Call the office today to set an appointment for FDA-Approved Auricular Therapy.  

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