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We’d like to warmly welcome you to Mattingly Chiropractic, a local chiropractor in St. Louis, MO. Dr. Dustan Mattingly (known as “Dr. Dusty”) and his staff are dedicated to providing superior, natural healthcare to every patient who walks in the door. When you come to us for help with back pain, neck pain, knee pain or a chronic health condition, we will use our extensive experience and expertise to help you return to robust health.

Dr. Dusty has spent more than two decades developing an extensive toolkit of chiropractic, nutritional and other holistic skills to help relieve your pain and restore your vitality. We invite you to browse our site and learn more about our therapies and goals for your health.

Immediate Pain Relief Without Drugs

So many of our patients come to us to achieve immediate and lasting relief from pain. We’ve also helped patients gain more mobility and gradually discontinue their reliance on pain relievers in coordination with their medical doctors.

Every chiropractic adjustment Dr. Dusty makes is aimed at restoring balance to the whole body and freeing up the nervous system to function normally, enabling the body to heal itself. In combination with chiropractic treatment, acupuncture and nutritional therapies enhance each person’s ability to recover fully from symptoms like headaches, menstrual problems, back pain, neck pain and fatigue.

Complimentary Pressure Point Therapy

Dr. Dusty’s chiropractic clinic is the only one in the Greater St. Louis area to offer Pressure Point Therapy—a rapid, noninvasive method of relieving blocked nerve flow and tight knots in muscles. He also uses Pressure Point Therapy to improve recovery from sports injuries, accidents and pain.

We invite you to experience Pressure Point Therapy for yourself by coming in for a complimentary visit. To schedule your free Pressure Point Therapy appointment, fill out the form above or call 314-635-1008.

Dr. Dusty Chiropractor St. Louis, MO

Meet Dr. Dusty

Dr. Dusty became a chiropractor nearly two decades ago to bring natural, drug-free healing to as many people as possible. With each patient he treats, he listens carefully to gather as much understanding of a patient’s history and health problems as possible.

Dr. Dusty is one of a handful of St. Louis chiropractors who graduated from the original and largest chiropractic college in America, Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He’s also the only local chiropractor to provide therapeutic, pain-relieving Pressure Point Therapy to his patients. He and his staff believe in a holistic approach to eliminating the cause of health problems, rather than just trying to make symptoms go away. This is why we believe Dr. Dusty is the best chiropractor in the St. Louis area. He is fully licensed and accredited.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Free Pressure Point Therapy with Dustan Mattingly, D.C.