A Blessing of Better Health

A Blessing of Better Health


I would like to give a brief story about how Dr. Dustan Mattingly has helped me in the last five months.

I am a 59 year old woman and have always been in generally good health, been active all my life and have maintained a good weight record. I came to Dr. Mattingly with some lower back and neck pain due to being in a car accident back in August 2012. I saw him quite a bit at first in order to correct the neck and spine and eliminate the instant pain I was experiencing from the accident.

Chronic condition not fixed by drugs

I happened to mention to Dr. Mattingly about chronic constipation I have had since I was a child and he thought he would be able to help me. For years I had eaten very healthy (organic) and took vitamins including enzymes and probiotics to help with my digestive problems… but even that seemed to be of no assistance. I was skeptical at first when Dr. Mattingly started asking me question and giving suggestions because I had been through four gastroenterologists- some of the best in St. Louis. I was impressed that he was so interested and wanting to help. I had not experienced that bedside manner with any of the medical doctors. I had two colonoscopies which showed a tortuous colon which explained why I had the “chronic constipation” all my life. For the past five years I was put on every medication known to man to help me have a normal bowel movement every day: Miralax, Amitiza, Misoprostol (for depression) and Colycrys (for gout). Nothing worked. In fact things got worse and I had to have my gall bladder out and receive antibiotics for two bouts of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. One doctor recommended I go to Mayo Clinic. Consequently, throughout my life as much as I have hated doing it, I have had to resort to harsh laxatives on a weekly basis just to get some relief from backed up material and pain that was at times unbearable.

I discussed the possibility with Dr. Mattingly to have an MRI since this area of pain was always in the same place. He thought this was a good idea. My gastroenterologist agreed especially since I had been losing weight. The results were a small exceptionally twisted place where the small intestine goes into the colon.  This is the exact area where the pain comes from and where the food has a hard time getting digested, thus some malnutrition as well.

Pressure Point Therapy and nutrition does what drugs couldn’t.

Dr. Mattingly started giving me a colon message every time I came for an office visit along with the Pressure Point Therapy and back adjustment.  He also recommended several colon cleanse products from his office that naturally helps things move through the small intestine. He specifically told me how to take it since psyllum husk (one of the ingredients) can actually make matters worse if you have a tortuous colon if the quantity is too much.

Miracle results!

Since the adjustments combined with these products I have not had to take a laxative for almost 2 months. That has not happened in five years! I seldom have that recurring pain and I have had more energy and have put on some of the much needed weight!  Is it perfect?  Not yet… I still have some sluggish days with my colon but for the most part I have to say I feel that a miracle has happened here and I am forever appreciative for Dr. Mattingly’ wealth of knowledge and sincere care and concern he has …  not just for me but for each and every individual who comes into his office with their own individual problems.  Anyone who enters Dr. Mattingly’s office leaves with the feeling of hope and a blessing of better health.

Patricia T.

By Mattingly Chiropractic, March 27, 2013