A Crink In Your Neck

A few weeks ago I was doing an adjustment on Elizabeth K. While treating her she had mentioned to me that she had a ‘Crink’ in her neck.

I immediately said, “What? Did you say ‘Crink’”? She said ‘yes’ I then said I think it is a new word.

So, fast forward to July 10, 2009 at which time I was thinking of the word ‘Crink’ again and another patient, Joyce P. said “It feels like the ‘Crink’ in my neck was gone.” I immediately said “What? Did you say ‘crink’?” I knew at that point I had to introduce this word into the English language.

So here it is: Crink is derived from two words, crick and kink. A crick is defined as a painful cramp or muscle spasm, as in the neck or back. A kink is defined as a tight twirl, twist or bend, as well as a painful muscle spasm, as in the neck. These definitions are from The American Heritage College Dictionary, Third Edition. So add this word to your vocabulary and if you or somebody that you know has a ‘Crink’ in the neck give me a call!

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By Mattingly Chiropractic, July 5, 2013