Back Pain

Eliminate Back Pain without Drugs

Almost everyone suffers from back pain from time to time but for some people, it is a daily, disabling situation. The best that medical doctors have to offer seems to be painkillers, muscle relaxants and surgery, all of which come with significant risks to one’s health.

To provide individuals with a better solution for back, neck and other joint pain, Dr. Dustan Mattingly chose chiropractic as a career. He realized that he could resolve these chronic and debilitating conditions with natural, drugless and holistic methods. Now, his broad spectrum of pain-relieving treatments are available at his office on Watson Road in St. Louis

Special Offer for New Patients

To learn how we can help, take advantage of our New Patient Special Offer. For just $50, new patients can receive a consultation, examination, one area of x-ray (if needed) and a report of the doctor’s findings. This is normally a $180 value.

Call our offices to accept this special offer for patients new to our practice at 314-635-1008.

Your First Visit to Dr. Dusty

When you first meet with Dr. Dusty, what’s most important to him is your history, the pain you are suffering and what you have tried to relieve it. He will complete an examination to understand where your pain comes from and determine which of his healing methods are best for it.

Here are some of the natural techniques Dr. Dusty may recommend to resolve your pain:

  • Chiropractic adjustments of the spine and extremities to restore free movement and correct
    structural misalignments
  • Pressure Point Therapy for improvement of pain and healing (Dr. Dusty’s office is the only place in St. Louis to provide this treatment)
  • Joint mobility analysis to take a deeper look at any structural problems
  • Custom orthotics (supportive shoe inserts) to improve your body’s alignment and relieve aches
  • Nutrition Response Testing for accurate evaluation of the nutrition you need for optimal healing

You truly do not need to suffer from back pain. You do have a choice. Mattingly Chiropractic offers treatment that can resolve not only your current pain but also the underlying causes for that pain so it is eliminated for good.

What Our Patients Are Saying

“Dr. Mattingly helped me tremendously with my neck and upper back issues. I used to get headaches and take pain relievers for it. No more! I have not had a headache for years. I love the Pressure Point Therapy before the chiropractic adjustment. I recommend Dr. Mattingly to all my friends and family”

– M.F.

“I hurt my back a few days ago and was desperate for relief. It was very easily the worst pain I had ever experienced. When I hobbled into Dr. Mattingly’s office, I couldn’t put much weight on my right leg and could not sit upright. When I walked (yes, WALKED) out of the office, I was able to put a significant amount of weight on my right leg and could now sit upright! It was such a relief, I could have cried.

“You can tell Dr. Mattingly really cares about his patients. He really, truly knows what he’s doing!”

– M.F.