How to Relieve Your Lower Back Pain Without Drugs or Surgery

By admin, November 3, 2020
If you are one of the 80% of Americans with lower back pain, you know how miserable it is. For some, the area has a dull ache while others feel a stabbing sensation. Either way, it’s no fun—simple movements are difficult, standing up

Handle Adrenal Fatigue with Chiropractic & Nutrition

By Ryan, July 21, 2020
 Here Dr. Dustan Mattingly of Mattingly Chiropractic in St. Louis dives in to take a look at the Adrenal Gland basics, where they are located, some of the basic functions and why it is important for the nerve supply to be uninterrupted.

Vitamin C Supplements and Why They Matter

By Ryan, July 14, 2020
 Dr. Dustan Mattingly of Mattingly Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO, looks at vitamin C - why you need to be taking a complex and not just a vitamin derived from ascorbic acid. The benefits of taking a complex can include more efficient

Quit Smoking Now with Auricular Therapy

By Ryan, July 6, 2020
 Are you or someone you know struggling to quit? Take a look at this wildly successful program Dr. Dusty has been running, in fact his program has worked so well patients have traveled cross-country just to have an appointment! There will be
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