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Tennis Elbow Relief with Chiropractic Care

By Mattingly Chiropractic, August 22, 2023
Have you ever experienced pain in your elbow that doesn’t seem to go away? You may be suffering from a condition known as tennis elbow. Even though it’s called tennis elbow, it’s not limited to tennis players alone. Anyone who does repetitive arm

Debunking the “No Pain, No Gain” Myth 

By Dustan Mattingly, August 8, 2023
Most of us probably know someone who brags about how much abuse their body can take, as though ignoring pain is a source of pride. These types of people will power through chronic pain for months or even years without seeking help due

5 Reasons to Try Pressure Point Therapy

By Dustan Mattingly, July 25, 2023
Chronic pain and stress are all-too-common issues among adults in the United States today. While some people rely on massage therapy or other natural means to manage their stress and pain, far too many rely on prescription drugs like opioids and psychotropics. That

Why Senior Citizens Need Chiropractic Care to Protect Their Health 

By Dustan Mattingly, July 11, 2023
As we age, our bodies gradually become weaker and more prone to injuries and health problems. Senior citizens over the age of 60 often experience new struggles with mobility, balance, reflexes and chronic pain. The standard medical treatment for these issues is a
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