Chiropractic Care and Your Spinal Discs, Part 3

By Dustan Mattingly, February 23, 2021
Hello from Dr. Dusty. Today, I’m going to explain what happens in many situations of low back pain. If you’ve ever had pain in this area or if you have suffered from sciatica, then it might interest you to know what is happening

Chiropractic Care and Spinal Discs, Part 2

By Dustan Mattingly, February 10, 2021
I wanted to give you some more understanding about your spinal discs. As people age, they often begin to have issues with these discs so it’s good to understand what can happen to them.  When you have a disc that has not suffered

Battling Knee Pain? Why Make Our Clinic Your First Stop

By Mattingly Chiropractic, January 26, 2021
Whether it’s in our clinic or out in the world, we're always telling people if they suffer from knee pain, seeing a chiropractor is the first thing they should do. There are so many ways a chiropractor can improve a patient’s knee pain.

Acupuncture: What It Is and How It Relieves Back Pain

By Mattingly Chiropractic, January 13, 2021
Most people have at least a slight familiarity with acupuncture but they may not understand very much about how it works. For many people, just the idea of using needles to improve health or a physical problem is a daunting idea! Because there
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