Supplements to Take for Wrist Pain

By Dustan Mattingly, July 20, 2021
Let’s talk about chiropractic care and your wrist. When dealing with wrist problems, we're primarily dealing with people that have a pinched nerve. Usually the pinched nerve is either the median nerve in cases of carpal tunnel, or the ulnar nerve in cases

What Is the Brachial Plexus?

By Dustan Mattingly, July 6, 2021
Let's go over some information regarding chiropractic care and the brachial plexus. Before I define what the brachial plexus is, I want to let you know that the nervous system of your body controls and coordinates all the functions of your body. Your

Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain

By Dustan Mattingly, June 22, 2021
I wanted to give you some more information with regards to chiropractic care for your shoulder. There are various conditions that a person can have that can create problems and pain in their shoulder. I’ll go over these one by one.  AC Joint

What Is a Frozen Shoulder?

By Dustan Mattingly, June 9, 2021
Today, I'm going to go over some information with you in regards to chiropractic care for your shoulder. There's a condition of the shoulder called frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis. This is where the shoulder joint actually gets inflamed. It develops
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