Change a life forever – help a friend quit smoking

Do you know a smoker?

How many times have they lit up guiltily and explained how they are “going to quit soon?”

We can have a tendency to blame them for continuing to smoke. We think that they must not really want to quit, or they’re continuing to smoke out of some counter-culture impulse, or maybe they “really must like it.”

However, the truth is that nicotine addiction is as hard to overcome as heroin addiction. It is very, very hard to quit smoking. Consider this:

  • Over 70% of adult smokers want to quit.

  • 40% of all smokers will try to quit this year.

  • ONLY 6% of those who try to quit will succeed.

From this, we can see that broken promises and relapse are not intentional or meant to hurt us – instead, they are the result of the insidious nature of nicotine addiction and further enabled by the marketing efforts of Big Tobacco.

My success rate with smokers is 70%

Instead of the normal 6% successful quitting rate, I get a 70% success rate at helping smokers quit the habit.

What is the difference?

I combine the extremely effective, FDA-approved Auricular Therapy with a book and other quitting smoking support services to help get the product of a smoke-free life.

No one else does this exact pattern, and I’m happy it works.

Is a life worth $100?

I charge $100 for this service. I’d love to do it for free, because I love it when patients report that they are finally free of the cigarettes, but I need to keep the lights on.

If you know a smoker and would like to help them, call my office and buy a “Quit Smoking Voucher.” When your friend or family member mentions that they’d like to quit, hand them the voucher and invite them to use it. Make it as easy as possible for them to achieve that goal.

Call me today at (314) 963-9050 and let’s arrange to save a life.

By Mattingly Chiropractic, January 15, 2014