With Chiropractic Adjustments, I’m walking!

MW pt pic

“I started with Chiropractic in the 80’s, the treatment was helping and then my Dr. moved!  As time went on I went to several Chiropractors and the treatment would help but not like the treatment I get with Dr. Mattingly’s Adjustments and  Pressure Point therapy.

“Here’s the whole story:  When I found Dr. Mattingly I was at the point of not walking well at all.  A Medical Dr. that I had seen for the problem wanted to put me on a pain pump.  For anyone who hasn’t heard of a pain pump, it’s a surgical procedure that implants a pump into your body that allows you to control a morphine dose “to live with the pain”.  When I said no, he told me I’d be back.

“I never did go back, that was almost four years ago.   I found Dr. Mattingly.

“Sometimes it hurts to get my Pressure Point Therapy and Adjustment.  You should know I’m 76 years old, a cancer survivor, plus have had other illness’s.   Now with vitamins, chiropractic adjustments and pressure points I’m walking! Am pretty healthy, doing yoga and I’m not taking any prescription medications.

“I did see the same Medical Dr. at a later time when my husband had an appointment with him.  I went over to him and showed him how well I was walking, that I could bend to the side and touch my toes!  He asked what I had been doing – I told him I was seeing a Chiropractor.  He told me to do whatever worked for me.  Thanks, I will!

“Thanks Dr. Mattingly for both of us (my husband sees Dr. Mattingly).    I could hardly walk when I first came in to your office, now I’m walking and doing my own housework, being at family gatherings and going on vacations! — MW”

By Mattingly Chiropractic, July 16, 2013