Chiropractic Care and Pinched Nerves

You’ve probably heard someone say that they are in pain from a pinched nerve. What does this actually mean?

We’ll explain but first, let’s look at what a nerve is. It’s a bundle of fibers much like the cable that connects a computer to the internet. Instead of sending electronic signals from one electronic device to another, the nerves in your body relay messages from your brain to every muscle, organ and tissue of the body. These messages tell your body what to do, when to move, how to function or when to stop functioning.

You’ve got a big bundle of nerves traveling down the spinal cord and then smaller nerves that travel from the spine to muscles and organs. These smaller nerves are called the peripheral nerves.

What Happens When a Nerve is Pinched?

It only means that it has an abnormal pressure on it. Research has shown that it only takes the weight of a quarter to cause a nerve to malfunction. When this pressure is applied, you can experience malfunction of muscles or organs. There might be weakness, an inability to walk well and so forth.

What Does a Pinched Nerve Feel Like?

Many different sensations are possible from a pinched nerve.

  • Sharp pain
  • Throbbing pain
  • Shooting pain
  • Deep bone pain

Dr. Dusty experienced this deep bone pain after having a bicycle accident as a young man. In that accident, he fell on his right shoulder. The next morning, he felt like his arm was broken. His first x-ray showed no break but the problem persisted. He had a second x-ray that still showed no break so he decided to see his chiropractor. His chiropractor told him that the accident had caused a pinched nerve in his neck. After a few adjustments, the pain decreased and it went away fully after a couple more visits.

Mattingly Chiropractic can help you with pain resulting from pinched nerves. A simple examination can determine if you are suffering pain as a result of one or more pinched nerves. This is only one of several chiropractic services offered at Mattingly Chiropractic. Our other services include custom orthotics, pressure point therapy and general chiropractic care. To schedule your appointment, contact us at (314) 635-1008 today.

By Dustan Mattingly, December 15, 2020