Day 8 – The Nachos Strike Back

Day 8

I totally cheated today. But, it wasn’t even worth it. I went to see the Doctor and we decided I would go on to phase 2 of the diet (same basic principles but now I can have 2 meals/day vs. 1). On my way home I decided to go to Jack In The Box to get something and decided on a chicken pita sandwich. I mean, it’s better than a hamburger, right!? I am sure it has less calories but once I started eating it, along with the fries, I could barely finish it. In fact, I don’t think I did finish. Everything tasted way overcooked and just a pure lack of flavor. I again thought the fries would taste so yummy with all the frying and ketchup slathered on it .. yuck! I couldn’t believe it. My tongue has taken a turn on me. I won’t complain though – it makes me want to eat the food I should eat. Granted, I am sure I will have more tasty temptations other than Jack In the Box thrown in my face but I will take that as it comes.

Sorry for cheating Dusty, D.C. 🙂 Maybe the chicken in the pita was organic? Maybe?!

By Mattingly Chiropractic, July 13, 2013