Days 3 and 4 of Nulean Diet

DAY 3 – Why does my back hurt?

I can tolerate pain when I know the source of it.

For example, when I work out at the gym and am sore the next day – that soreness is tolerable because I know why I hurt. When I don’t know then I get grumpy.

On Day 3 I woke up and my lower back hurt, along with my hips and upper legs. The day before I had mowed the lawn so I thought that maybe I had done too much but it didn’t totally explain why I was so sore. I tried to stretch it out and move around but that wasn’t working at all. I was getting grumpy because I didn’t know what was going on. However, mid-day, I remembered that the cleanse that I drink pulls the toxins out of the fatty tissues in the body and releases them which contributes to weight loss as well as detoxifies the body.

Realizing this, I pinpointed the pain as similar to what I felt after my epidural when I had Tyler. This was only 3 weeks ago so the toxins are pretty fresh in my body. The feeling I had was exactly how it felt after my epidural wore off and I was lying in bed. Basically the cleanse was pulling those toxins out of that exact area exactly as it states in the theory behind the diet. Once I figured this out then I was able to tolerate it and just deal with it. This lasted for a day full on, the next day was better and by the day after that it was totally gone. I feel much better and more energized after those few days.

I am up to 5 pounds lost in 5 days. Not bad! I love seeing results this fast and it just makes me want to continue down this path and not cheat.

  • Stephanie

DAY 4 – Seven pounds down – how’s it feel?

I have lost 7 pounds already!

It advertised losing 7 pounds in 7 days so losing 7 pounds in 4 days is pretty sweet.

A few things that always sent me down the bad road on diets were:

  • Cravings – I would get sweet cravings or carbohydrate cravings that were pretty much uncontrollable. If I didn’t get what I felt I needed I would get shaky and super crabby. In fact, my husband had a name for this state which he avoided at all costs – “shaky bitch mode”. This would come when my blood sugar crashed or I didn’t have enough protein and then all of a sudden I would get, well, shaky and bitchy.I have not experienced this at all these last 4 days. Sure, when I was sitting watching my daughter eat an ice cream I  wanted one but it wasn’t the – I must have or I will die – feeling.
  •  Ups and Downs during the day – I have fought on and off through the years my blood sugar going up and down during the day. Sometimes the down would come around 1pm, which was brought back up by coffee. Sometimes it came around 4pm which also would be brought back up by coffee or sugar. Before doing this diet I was drinking a protein meal replacement which helped a lot and was the best handling yet for this. With this cleanse and protein drink, I have not experienced any highs or lows during the day at all. Which is amazing to me, actually. The only lows I get are from staying up with my 3-week old which I can handle. Being at work at 2pm and wanting to crawl under my desk and sleep I cannot handle.

Again, I would not say these things if it wasn’t working for me. I want to be honest and just say exactly how it’s going vs. trying to sell you this product. That’s not why I agreed to write the blog. This is really working for me and I’m pretty excited and surprised at how well it’s going.

Thanks for reading.


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By Mattingly Chiropractic, July 13, 2013