Days 9 and 10 – where’d the wagon go when I fell off?

Day 9

Darn Memorial Day BBQ. Damn the temptations!

I was actually fairly ethical in my choices at the BBQ on Sunday. I asked and received chicken kabobs (maybe the BBQ sauce I dipped it in was a bit exorbitant) and also stayed away from the small cute hamburgers and hot dogs and buns. I also had some tomato and mozzarella salad, along with some beans and sausage which was yummy.

Then, my daughter says “Mommmm.. I want to make you a s’more!”. How can I resist? She was set on making me the “perfect” s’more and also watching me eat it so I indulged.

It was totally worth it.

After all, TOMORROW I will get back on the wagon again, RIGHT!?

Day 10

Mostly. I did good today actually. Had my protein shake, etc. etc. I did get the greens that Dusty recommended as an additional way to fight off cravings. I mixed it in water which was .. subpar … but I will figure out a way to get it to taste acceptably and it won’t be a big deal. I was just in a hurry to try it.

The main thing that surprises me is how long I stay even-keeled on the protein shakes. I had 2 this morning and then didn’t eat my chicken kabobs until 5pm and was totally fine. No blood sugar crashes, no shakes, no crabby wife-mode, etc. I am definitely done with chicken kabobs and will find other things to eat to mix it up a little. I don’t want to put the impression across that chicken is the only thing you can eat but at the beginning it was just an easy stable datum for me.

The holiday weekend full of good food is almost over, thankfully. I definitely understand why they call fast food “convenience” food and also why holidays are really hard on diets. The food is just sitting there, ready to be eaten and people took the time to make it for me so – I don’t want to be rude after all!

I do want to maintain a level of unseriousness about this though. If I get where I force myself to NEVER enjoy food or parties then I will get REALLY crabby. If someone makes a comment to me like “should you be eating that?” then it just makes me want to eat it. And I will. So, I just know that if I mess up I will get back on the train (or is it a wagon?) and keep going. I know that in the long run I will be healthier than I have been in 9 years or so – so, I can’t lose.

Tomorrow I will step on the scale and see what effects I have created with my indiscretions.


By Mattingly Chiropractic, July 15, 2013