Death By Sleeping Pill

In 1959-1960, American Cancer Society volunteers gave questionnaires to over 1 million Americans and then determining six years later (in over 98%) whether the participants had survived.

50% more of those who said that they “often” took sleeping pills had died, compared to participants of the same age, sex, and reported health status who “never” took sleeping pills.

To re-examine these risks, in 1982, American Cancer Society volunteers gave health questionnaires to 1.1 million new participants. The survival of these people was ascertained in 1988.

In the new study, it was again found that people who said that they used sleeping pills had significantly higher mortality. Even when matched for age, sex, race, and education, and a total of 32 health risk factors, those who reported taking sleeping pills 30 or more times per month had 25% more mortality than those who said that they took no sleeping pills. We did not determine which particular sleeping pills were associated with this risk. The smaller risk of taking sleeping pills just a few times per month was 10-15% increased mortality, compared to those who took no sleeping pills. Sleeping pills appeared unsafe in any amount.

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By Mattingly Chiropractic, July 10, 2013