Digestive Enzymes

Most people don’t give to much thought about what their digestive enzymes are doing or how they work. Enzymes are protein molecules that breakdown the food we eat. They are also good for brain stimulation and cell repair. Poor digestion can cause more problems than a stomach ache or acid reflux. Poor digestion can result in a weakened immune system! The basic process is suppose to be that when we consume food our gastrointestinal tract secretes digestive enzymes that break down the food and make the nutrients usable for our bodies.

One simple but major step to proper digestion is eating more raw foods. Raw foods take approximately half the time to digest as cooked foods. This is because cooked foods lose enzymes essential for the digestion process. When we consume raw foods our bodies aren’t forced to work so hard to break down food. When foods are only partially broken down our immune systems look at the partially digested food as a toxic invader and attack the food. So everyday our immune systems are being used to clean our blood streams of undigested food particles and this weakens our immune system.

Eating more raw foods is one step; however, many people have such a poor diet with fast food, cooked foods, and not enough protein that more assistance is definitely needed in getting our digestive systems working properly! There is a product we offer in our office that is a pepsin and hydrochloric acid supplement. It is made by Standard Process. It is the best product on thier line for improving digestion. The product is called Zypan. Not sure if you need Zypan? One of the biggest indicators of needing Zypan is intestinal gas…

By Mattingly Chiropractic, July 11, 2013