Flu Vaccines and Mad Hatter’s Disease

The term “mad as a hatter” will forever be linked to Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s book, Alice in Wonderland. But few actually know that the true origin of the saying relates to a disease peculiar to the hat making industry in the 1800s.

A mercury solution was commonly used during the process of turning fur into felt, which caused the hatters to breathe in the fumes of this highly toxic metal. This led in turn to an accumulation of mercury in the workers’ bodies, resulting in symptoms such as trembling (known as “hatters’ shakes”), loss of coordination, slurred speech, loosening of teeth, memory loss, depression, irritability and anxiety — “The Mad Hatter Syndrome.” The phrase is still used today to describe the effects of mercury poisoning.

Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive element on earth and guess what– Mercury is added to our Flu Vaccines as a preservative! So if you are considering Flu vaccines for yourself and your family, consider this:

  1. The federal government is encouraging you to get a vaccination in spite of mountains of evidence of Mercury’s toxicity.
  2. The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that a person must weigh over 500 pounds to process the amount of mercury in vaccines.
  3. Physician’s groups and the government have vowed to remove mercury from vaccines over 7 years ago but have yet to do it.
  4. Mercury is the most brain toxic substance known to man. And one in six children currently suffers from some form of learning disability.

Whether you and your family are vaccinated or not is a personal decision. At the very least insist on Mercury free vaccines. They are available. More optimally, talk to Dr. Mattingly, D.C. about building up your immune system!!

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By Mattingly Chiropractic, July 18, 2013