I Need Bacteria In My Intestines?

Some of you may already know about your gut flora, better known as the friendly bacteria in your intestines. Flora(micro flora) is the thick lining of bacteria covering our intestines.  What most people don’t realize is how important it really is. Do you suffer from anxiety, eczema, learning disabilities? You need to know more about flora!

Micro flora creates the base for literally your body’s entire immune system.  It kills the bad bacteria and viruses that subject you to numerous health conditions. Your micro flora also processes vitamins such as Vitamin K and parts of the B complex. Micro flora helps reduce cholesterol, controls pH factor, digest proteins, carbs and fats, alleviate stress and anxiety, detox hazardous materials in diet, produce digestive enzymes, and help you assimilate calcium.

When your flora has been damaged or altered, it is referred to as dysbiosis. Once dysbiosis occurs your immune system is severely weakened. Not to mention it’s passed from one generation to the next. That’s right it’s genetic! If a mother has dysbiosis due to repetitive antibiotic use or sugar-laden diet, when she gives birth her child will also have dysbiosis, giving her little one a weakened immune system instantly! The number of health conditions you can develop from having damaged flora is astonishing. I couldn’t possibly cover them all in a short article. Some of the problems that could develop are menstrual problems, emotional problems, eczema, learning disabilities(including autism), parasites, worms and candida.

Okay, now you  better understand what gut flora is necessary and important for, but what type of things kill your flora in the first place? Antibiotics are the biggest culprit. Painkillers, birth control pills, Ibuprofen, alcohol, fried foods, sugary foods, and coffee. Actually, a single cup of joe can destroy up to 20% of your gut flora!

The next logical question would be, well, what can I do if I have dysbiosis? Let’s face it, many of us do! Your first step would be to change your diet. For healthy flora you need to be consuming whole foods, not processed and do not consume gluten products. Next I would recommend a product from Standard Process appropriately called Gut Flora Complex. Gut Flora Complex will cleanse and promote health in your lower gastrointestinal tract creating healthy flora. The complex consist of Oregano and Aniseed essential oils, Andrographis and Pau D’Arco. The Andrographis and Pau D’Arco ingredients are an added bonus with cold and flu season approaching because they are tremendous immune boosters!

So the lesson today is when concerned with your health, start with your gut!

At Mattingly Chiropractic, we have helped numerous patients achieve better overall gut health, which directly improves their lives. We offer a number of solutions, including Nutrition Response Testing and Natural Healthcare Products. Contact us today to learn more.

By Mattingly Chiropractic, July 16, 2013