Why is it hard to eat better?

Wow. Another holiday is done and I’ve finally put down my fork. It seems that December always gives me the excuses I need to eat a bit more than I should. That’s ok – the trick is to get back to normal, healthy eating.

Isn’t it weird how difficult it can be to eat “healthy,” though?

Why is that? Shouldn’t it be easier to grab a carrot than a bag of chips?

Well, for one thing, we are genetically programmed to go for the fat and sugar. These provide the short- and long-term energy required to go chasing prey or to spend a long day foraging in the bushes and running from tigers.

So no – actually, it is much easier to grab chips than celery. In fact, we were built that way.

The trouble is that fat and sugar are much more readily available today than they were even a thousand years ago. We no longer need to hunt down a deer with a stick or climb trees to get fruit, so although our bodies recognize “the good stuff,” the high energy food items and we like it, it’s just too easy to get – and we get out of shape.

Getting to normal

I’m not talking “Hollywood normal.” I believe that someone should be able to lead a healthy lifestyle that isn’t hindered by weight that saps their energy. And we should be able to put down the bag of chips before we finish it, and should be able to turn down the Ding Dongs if we want. Good goals, right?

Chiropractic help for weight loss

I use Auricular Therapy to help patients get rid of the irrational cravings for food that some experience. It lets them reset their habits without suffering from feelings of anxiety associated with dieting.

Auricular Therapy works by gentle stimulation of the body’s systems through points on the ear. I know it sounds odd, but factually, it is an FDA-approved treatment for quitting smoking, and it also works quite well to reduce food cravings.

Then we back this up with proper testing and nutrition. When we discover what nutrients the body lacks, then the body starts to work with us in our goals. The sort of hunger that just sort of lingers despite constant food input is a sign that our bodies need a missing nutrient – and no amount of snacking will resolve it until the right nutrient is found.

Get help today

If you’d like some help achieving your weight goals, give me a call at (314) 963-9050 and we’ll arrange a consultation. I look forward to seeing you!

By Mattingly Chiropractic, January 8, 2014