How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help You Avoid Hip Surgery

Every year, nearly a half million people go through hip replacement surgery. This is a difficult and painful surgery, and it requires a significant amount of time and rehabilitation to become mobile again. For a person with severe arthritis in their hip joints, it enables them to move free from pain again. But what is tragic is that so many of these people would not have needed this surgery if they had received chiropractic care in a timely manner. 

Hip Replacement Surgery

What is hip replacement surgery like? An incision is made at the top of the patient’s thigh. The top of the femur (the bone in the upper leg) is removed from the hip joint, and any damaged tissue in the cup that holds the femur in place is cleaned out. This cup-shaped bone becomes damaged when the cartilage in this area has been worn down and the bones rub on each other. 

The metal top of the prosthesis that will replace the hip joint fits into this cup-like opening. The metal top has a rough surface so the bone of the pelvic cup bonds to this surface. This will hold the whole prosthesis in place. 

Next, the top of the femur is cut off and a deep cut is made into the marrow of the bone. A long shaft is slipped into this deep cut and a ball is attached to the top of this shaft. The ball then fits into the metal top of the prosthesis.

The incision is closed, and the patient takes strong painkillers for a while and rehabilitation begins. 

It doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? It isn’t. Many people can avoid it with the right chiropractic care

Preventative Care

To prevent hip pain and damage, you want to ensure that the lumbar vertebrae and the sacroiliac joint are properly aligned. When they are, the nerves in the area won’t be pinched by the bones. 

The bones in this area support the whole weight of your trunk, which is why proper alignment in this area is so vital. Every time you stand, step or reach, all these bones come into play. 

These pinched nerves can cause the sciatic pain so many people are familiar with and they can also cause hip pain. By maintaining good alignment and joint health in this area, you have your best chance of avoiding hip pain. Chiropractic care is vital to keep these bones free, moving and properly aligned. 

Other steps you can take to protect your hip health include keeping your weight at a healthy level and wearing good shoes that keep your whole body in balance. Some people need orthotics, medical devices that fit in their shoes that correct improper alignment of feet and ankles, which helps to straighten out the whole body. 

Adjustments and Pressure Point Therapy

When patients come to me to prevent hip pain, I provide chiropractic adjustments to align the body and Pressure Point Therapy to relieve tight areas of locked up energy. When these locked up areas are relieved, so is the patient’s pain. I offer an Introductory Pressure Point Therapy treatment for FREE! I hope you come see me soon! Give us a call at (314) 635-1008 to schedule an appointment.

By Mattingly Chiropractic, November 22, 2021