How Dr. Dusty Relieved Kamryn’s Carpal Tunnel Using Pressure Point Therapy

You’ve likely heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, but did you know symptoms can be relieved by reducing tension in your neck? Like many aches and pains, it all stems from the spine — or, more specifically, nerves that are connected to the spine.

Reducing tension in your neck, as well as in your upper and lower back can help with all kinds of problems, including the numbness and loss of motion that are often cited as symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

To help Kamryn with her carpal tunnel issues, Dr. Dusty employed a natural chiropractic technique called pressure point therapy. Watch the video above to see how pressure point therapy works or head to our pressure point therapy service page to learn more.

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By Mattingly Chiropractic, February 5, 2020