How Important Are Adjustments?

Getting regular adjustments are as important as eating good food, getting a good nights rest and exercising 3 to 4 times per week. As a matter of fact adjustments can help you digest your food better, help you sleep more soundly and assist you in your quest to keep in better shape through exercise.

The adjustment of the spine is a concept that for many is a bit foreign. Even those in the medical profession have a hard time trying to grasp this concept. But for many it is an easy thing to see. The fact that the vertebrae can get out of alignment is an easy thing to see. The fact that when vertebrae misalign it can and will pinch a nerve is an easy thing to see.

The fact that pinched nerve(s) will affect the function of the body in many different negative ways is a very easy thing to see. Really, it is as simple as a bare wire contacting a piece of metal causing a circuit to blow! Or plugging an electric device in an outlet that requires more electricity than that circuit can carry causing a circuit to blow! Really, it is that simple. Your nervous system is an electrical system and when pinched by misaligned vertebrae that circuit will blow! And then katy bar the door, anything can happen to your body!

So, how important are adjustments? If you want to regain health and stay healthy they are very important!

By Mattingly Chiropractic, July 11, 2013