How the Right Nutrients Help You Survive Summer Heat

Most people know that when they sweat more, they need to drink more water. But not all people know that there are also other ways they need to compensate for the stress of summer’s high heat on their bodies.

When you’re exposed to high heat or while you’re exercising, your body is eliminating electrolytes that are essential to the proper functioning of your body. These electrolytes are minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. They actually help keep you hydrated. They also regulate muscle contractions and many other normal bodily functions.

If you drink plenty of water during summer’s heat but don’t take in electrolytes, you can suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Low energy
  • Muscle cramps

If you visit your chiropractor and try to get an adjustment while you are deficient in electrolytes, your tight, cramping muscles can make your body resist the benefits of the adjustment. During the summer, I frequently have to provide patients with a glass of water with electrolytes added. If I then let them sit for a little while after they drink this water so their bodies can absorb the electrolytes, I find that they respond better to the adjustment. Their muscles relax and their vertebrae can move more easily.


Which Electrolytes to Look For

I don’t recommend that you get your electrolytes from sports drinks. Yes, there are electrolytes in those drinks but there are also high quantities of sugar, artificial colors and artificial flavors.

Go to a health food store and ask a clerk for a good electrolyte mix. They will be found in the vitamin section. These electrolytes are likely to be better quality than products found in a drugstore or grocery store.

Most electrolytes are sold as powders that can be mixed with water. If you prefer, you can also find capsules or pills.

Once you find a product you like the taste or convenience of, don’t forget to actually take it during the hot months! Take it with you to the sports field, while hiking, boating, shopping, or on road trips. And don’t forget electrolytes for your children! You will all feel better, have more energy and probably even have better outlooks on life than if you forget. You’ll also be able to continue your outdoor summer sports and activities longer and enjoy them more.

If you’re going to see your chiropractor, make sure you are fully supplied with electrolytes before getting an adjustment. That way you can get the expected benefits of the adjustment.


We Can Help You Adjust Your Electrolyte Balance

We can easily help our patients determine if they are low on electrolytes. Plus we have plenty of electrolytes on hand to help them beat the heat. If summer makes you feel worn out and draggy and you think you might be lacking some electrolytes, we can help. Call us at 314-310-8359 and schedule an appointment.

With chiropractic care, diagnosis of electrolyte imbalances and Pressure Point Therapy, we have many ways to help you. (Pressure Point Therapy eases those tight knots in muscles that block nerve flows—I’m the only chiropractor in the Greater St. Louis area to offer this therapy). It’s the right time to start feeling more energetic and healthy. Call us to get started.


About Dr. Dustan Mattingly: Dr. Dusty discovered chiropractic after it helped him recover from an injury he suffered while in the military. Chiropractic eliminated his neck pain, sparing him the ill effects of painkillers and surgery. He graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa and then went on to study additional chiropractic techniques, the specialized treatment of sports and accident injuries and nutrition. He also mastered the art of Pressure Point Therapy to improve patients’ response to treatment. With this specialized technique, he found he could provide increased relief from pain and muscle dysfunction and help a patient recover more quickly from the effects of stress or injuries.

By Dustan Mattingly, May 14, 2024