How to Relieve Your Lower Back Pain Without Drugs or Surgery

If you are one of the 80% of Americans with lower back pain, you know how miserable it is. For some, the area has a dull ache while others feel a stabbing sensation. Either way, it’s no fun—simple movements are difficult, standing up straight may be impossible and even breathing hurts. 

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Knowing what causes lower back pain will help determine how to address it, and how to avoid it in the future:

  1. Lifting and straining: Lifting heavy objects, particularly from the ground or from overhead, puts stress on the lower back muscles which bear the brunt of the upper body’s weight. This can result in small, painful tears in the muscles. 
  2. Accidents: Accidents of all sorts—auto, sports, falls—can injure the lower back with lasting negative effects if untreated.
  3. Inflammatory diseases: An inflammatory disease is an illness which causes inflammation in the joints and/or muscles such as arthritis (joint inflammation) and spondylitis (spinal inflammation). These diseases are known for causing lower back pain.
  4. Pinched nerve:  When too much pressure is applied to a nerve—it’s pinched and it hurts. Pinched nerves can result from poor posture, repetitive motions or keeping the body in one position for too long, such as a bent elbow during sleep. 
  5. Bulging discs: Soft cushions of cartilage, referred to as discs, are positioned between your spinal vertebrae to cushion them when the spine moves and twists. As a person ages, these disks can lose their shape and protrude. We call this a bulging disc. When a bulging disk is in the lower back, in addition to pain, it can cause numbness or weakness in one of the legs. 

Now that you know the common causes of lower back pain, how is it usually treated? 

Side Effects of Common Medical Treatments for Lower Back Pain  

While standard medical handlings are often required for lower back pain, there can be serious side effects. Doctors frequently recommend painkillers ranging from simple over-the-counter remedies to addictive narcotics and antidepressants which are proven to cause suicide. Such drugs mask the pain instead of addressing the cause. Similarly, cortisone injections into the lower back temporarily relieve painful inflammation but provide no lasting relief.  In addition to drugs, typical medical recommendations include:

  • Devices implanted in the body to block pain
  • Deliberately damaging nearby nerves to block pain
  • Surgical procedures to remove portions of a disk or bone or both

Fortunately, you can actually relieve your lower back pain naturally with expert chiropractic care from Dr. Dusty Mattingly. 

Treat Lower Back Pain Naturally at Mattingly Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is based on the principle that a human body naturally strives to repair itself and keep its system in balance. But this only occurs when the body’s structure and nervous system are intact.  Misalignment of the spine, neck, joints and muscles can hinder the body’s innate  ability to heal. Through chiropractic care—precise and gentle manipulation of the joints and extremities—the body’s healing ability is restored. Pain is relieved, full mobility restored and chronic issues ultimately disappear. 

Dr. Dusty Mattingly of Mattingly Chiropractic in St. Louis has relieved debilitating back pain for countless patients—some of whom could not walk or work without severe pain. It’s his advanced chiropractic training, decades of experience and expert knowledge which enable him to hone in on the cause of your lower back pain, treat it with the exact right chiropractic program and ultimately eliminate it. 

When you first arrive for treatment, you’ll have a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Dusty. Patients tell us he is one of the best listeners around. He’ll then examine you thoroughly, take any x-rays needed and give you an adjustment to start reducing the inflammation. He will then put you on a program to immediately start reversing your lower back pain. You will be on the road to living without back pain.

Relieve Your Lower Back Pain—Schedule Your Appointment Today!

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By Mattingly Chiropractic, November 3, 2020