Is it possible to learn to be healthy?

Strange question isn’t it?  Why would I ask it that way?  I mean, aren’t there scores of articles released everyday with health advice?  If you want to know the latest research on diet, you can find it.  You can find what is now believed to cause cancer, how many vegetables and why types you should eat, whether GMO foods are good or bad, how much exercise, what exercise, on and on.

And yet…

And yet, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there.  Some resources will say that a human body needs LOTS of meat.  Others, that a body needs none. One reads about the importance of dairy products in a diet only to find out the study is sponsored by the dairy council.   In fact, I even read an article today in which the author wanted the reader to believe that ALL vitamins above RDA were bad.

The subject of human health and care of the body can seem very complex.

Of course, it is being made to seem complex by people who have a lot to gain by keeping the subject confusing.  It sells more books, plans and coaching sessions that way.

However, the human body is a simple subject.

It is possible to learn how to be healthy.

The first thing to know about the human body puts everything else into perspective.

The body is designed to heal itself.

Whether through evolution, divine design or some combination of the two, the body has the ability required to heal itself.

D.D. Palmer, the founder of Chiropractic medicine, referred to this ability as innate intelligence.

Innate intelligence is the force responsible for the organization, running and healing of the body.

The body is a remarkable instrument.  It has not only organized itself in its present state from its beginnings as the combination of two cells, but it can continue to re-organize itself back into a healthy state – as long as you stop abusing it.

The modern lifestyle and chiropractic medicine

Let’s face it.  We all put our bodies through abuse.  It doesn’t take a dozen years of medical schooling to be able to recognize that drinking a quart of carbonated water, super-concentrated corn syrup and phosphoric acid every day will harm a body, yet half of us do exactly that every day.

We can also recognize that the body degrades if it isn’t properly used.  Sitting in a chair hunched over a computer for 9 hours followed by a few hours of night television has long-term negative consequences.  Again, this is something a child could tell you.

This is where Chiropractic medicine comes into play.  A chiropractor uses gentle manipulation of the body, nutritional advice and exercise to coax the body to repair the ravages of abuse and heal itself.

The future of medicine

I firmly believe that as time progresses, Chiropractic medicine will be considered less “alternative medicine” and more “medicine.”  It works so well for such a range of maladies – from headaches to joint and back pain, to recovering the energy needed to get through the day.

I began Chiropractic work after already studying for and creating a successful career as an accountant – but as an accountant, I wanted more.  I wanted the happiness that comes from the ability to help people every single day.

I feel honored to be a Chiropractor and to help you.  Please let me know what you need

Dr. Dustan Mattingly, D.C.

By Mattingly Chiropractic, July 11, 2013