Joint Mobility Analysis in St. Louis, MO

To ensure that every patient achieves optimum results, Dr. Dusty has researched far and wide to bring the best therapeutic methods to his St. Louis chiropractic practice. He chose Joint Mobility Analysis as a way to conduct a deeper analysis of how a patient’s body moves and functions. This more intensive look at joint mobility enables him to help patients achieve their goals for health and physical performance.
How Joint Mobility Analysis Is Done

As a patient moves, a series of rapid x-ray images are captured. Using his extensive education and decades of experience, Dr. Dusty then makes a detailed examination of the exact relationship of bones, tendons and ligaments of the spine as they move from one position to another. It is then possible to accurately determine if some of the spine vertebrae are locked in place or there is some other hidden reason a joint will not move normally.

In cases where a patient suffers from headaches, chronic back pain, neck pain or other stubborn problems, a Joint Mobility Analysis can be the key to resolving those issues.

Including the Patient in the Process

Not only can Dr. Dusty create a better and more thorough treatment plan with a Joint Mobility Analysis, he can also show a patient exactly what the problem deep inside his or her body is. A comparative Joint Mobility Analysis done after treatment can also allow a patient to see the definite changes that have occurred.

Additionally, Dr. Dusty provides patients with exercises and instructions to work on outside of the office so they can be more proactive in their treatment. These address issues such as proper posture and shortened use of handheld devices.

Not every patient needs a Joint Mobility Analysis but when it’s needed, this diagnostic tool can be an incredible blessing that allows healing to occur.

When you are looking for the best chiropractor in St. Louis, think of Dr. Dusty and his dedication to your results. Call Mattingly Chiropractic today to learn more about this remarkable diagnostic tool or to schedule an appointment. Call 314-635-1008 today.