Knee Pain

How Chiropractic Works

Knee pain is a problem that strikes both the young and old. For young people, it may be the result of a sports injury, a fall or a car accident. When you are older, that nagging knee pain can feel like the start of a more serious problem, one that could end up requiring surgery and painkillers. No one wants that. Fortunately, there’s another way you can eliminate knee pain.

Meet Dr. Dustan Mattingly, Expert Chiropractor

Dr. Dustan Mattingly of St. Louis has spent more than two decades acquiring the skills to treat problems just like these and then using them to heal his patients. He understands that the problems might be in the knee itself, but that they might also stem from a misalignment that stretches from a patient’s head to his toes. For most patients, the right solution to knee pain is a comprehensive, holistic approach to finding and then treating the underlying problems.

A Special Offer for New Patients with Knee Pain

Sometimes, it really helps to know that someone understands why you are in pain and knows what to do about it. To give you a chance to talk to Dr. Dusty about your pain and find out what he recommends, here is a very special offer:

New patients to our office can receive a one-on-one consultation, comprehensive examination, one area of x-ray (if needed) and a report of the doctor’s findings for only $50. Since this is a $180 value, you save $130!

Call our office to schedule your first appointment with Dr. Dusty and learn how he can help you banish your knee pain for good at 314-635-1008.

How Does Dr. Dusty Relieve Knee Pain?

As a result of his study at the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic, additional clinical training and years of experience, Dr. Dusty has developed various methods of realigning the body to promote rapid healing.

For most people with knee pain, chiropractic adjustments of the lower back and hips, accompanied by the right nutrition, can eliminate knee stress and permit inflammation to heal. The result is no more pain when walking or standing.

“Dr. Mattingly Eliminated My Knee Pain!”

“I first came to Dr. Mattingly about one-and-a-half years ago because my knee would get out of whack, become swollen and cause me to limp. I haven’t had trouble with that knee since then. One important aspect of Dr. Dusty’s manner is his ability to listen — he takes the time necessary for each patient.”

– E.M.F.