Lose weight AND enjoy the holidays?

Hi, this is Dr. Dusty Mattingly, D.C.

With the holidays upon us the smell of seasonal dishes is filling the air. Of course, a subject that comes up often when we are talking about health and the holidays is effective weight loss solutions.

The fact is, many of you at one time or another have tried to lose weight. After all, it is a well known fact that when one is overweight, it affects quality of life in many ways.

Those extra pounds shorten your life span, can make you overly tired, create stress and open the door to other serious health problems; completely aside from the fact that it can lead to feeling bad about the way you look.

Unfortunately, weight loss doesn’t come easily. Many people have tried the supposedly miracle plans or pills. But do they work in the long term? No! Most of the plans out there today inherently lead to failure. The plans themselves have flaws that make it impossible to stick to them in the long term.

What you need is a simple, effective method to lose weight and keep it off, without crazy dietary restrictions, and without harmful pills.

That is what I’d like to talk to you about today. You can lose weight and keep it off. You can be engaged in a plan that will take you from where you are today all the way to your ideal weight, permanently, and in a way that doesn’t disturb your quality of life. You will notice a change immediately. You just need a plan that is right for you.

No matter what the quick-buck artists and snake oil salesmen want you to believe, losing weight is not just a matter of popping a pill or eating bizarre diets. The pills have nasty side effects, and no one can stick to those diets for their entire lives.

The fact is that losing weight, looking and feeling the way you want to, is not a cookie cutter proposition. You are a unique individual.

You can achieve your goal of losing weight. I don’t care how many times you’ve tried to lose weight and failed.

We’ll change that. You and I. I want to give you an effective solution to your weight problem. We’ll find out what nutrients your body needs that make you crave the wrong foods.

Contact Us today to schedule your Weight Loss Evaluation and Pressure Point Therapy session.

I’ll see you at the office. And have a great holiday season!

By Mattingly Chiropractic, July 10, 2013