Making that new year’s resolution stick

What is it about New Year’s resolutions that make them so difficult to keep?

Oh sure, I’ve had some success with them, but no matter my initial enthusiasm, it seems that only the rare resolution makes it all the way to the first flowers of spring.

Better yet, is there something we can do to ensure success? Our lives would be better if we could always keep our resolutions. After all, we never make a New Year’s resolution to “eat more fatty foods” or “exercise less frequently.”

After looking at my own rate of success or failure, I think I’ve spotted something worth sharing about the subject.

A New Year’s resolution needs to have a support structure.

When I’ve made a resolution that stuck, I’ve had a distinct plan of action to make it work. I think we can easily be creatures of habit.

For example, if I’ve made a resolution to watch less t.v., but my standard daily routine when I get home is to grab dinner and turn on the t.v., I will need to change this pattern of behavior to avoid falling into the “boob tube trap.” I’ll need to change something – like eating at the dinner table or going for a run right after my day ends – anything to break the old routine.

Also, if I want to eat healthier or lose weight, I’ll need to develop a plan to accomplish this. Relying on a decision isn’t enough – after all, this would be a decision I probably make (and break) every day.

Chiropractic can help with New Year’s resolutions

We have had tremendous success with helping people quit smoking or helping them lose weight, for instance.

Auricular Therapy is proven to reduce cravings for nicotine. It’s FDA-approved to help people quit smoking, and combined with a few special services that I deliver, has a much better success rate than any nicotine replacement therapies or trying to quit cold turkey.

Auricular Therapy, combined with nutrition, has also been valuable to help patients lose weight and keep it off. It reduces the initial craving to eat, then the nutrition fills in the missing gaps in diet that cause a body to continue to feel hungry despite an abundance of food.

My wish for you – a healthy 2014

A prosperous and joyful life begins with good health.

If there is anything that I can do to help you achieve this in 2014, please give me a call.

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Dr. Dusty Mattingly, D.C.

By Mattingly Chiropractic, December 31, 2013