Nacho lover tries Nulean

Stephanie Lane, Nacho lover and new mother, is trying Nulean

Dr. Mattingly, D.C. is proud to present the blog of Stephanie Lane, who has now started the Nulean weight-loss program.  Her blog will be regularly updated, regardless of her success or failure with the Nulean system.

Day 0

I love nachos.

I clearly remember being about 12 years old and fixing myself a very large plate of nachos at home. My mom walked by me and said “you know you wont be able to eat like that forever”. Being 12, I rolled my eyes at her and happily ate my large plate of nachos without any recourse.

Of course, at the time I was practicing at least 1 1/2 hours a day at either volleyball, basketball or track. As I got older I realized that that amount of exercise (along with age) allows one to eat whatever the heck they want. Once I got out of high school I never wanted to be forced to practice sports again – I was very much done with it, having had after-school practice for 4 straight years. I still exercised and kept fit but – fast forward to my first child – and that baby weight was hard to get off. Granted, I still loved my nachos. And my baked potatoes, Pringles, ice cream – all things I grew up on but could eat due to the amount of exercise I was doing. I have remained active but I still eat the way I ate when I was 12.

I read something that rang true for me the other day .. on Pinterest no less .. that said “You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.” I read that and gulped while realizing that my diet will need to change if I am going to do anything about it (I don’t want to admit to my husband that his years of talking-to’s didn’t impinge like that quote did on Pinterest).

Pregnant with my 2nd child, I was determined to get the baby weight off once I had my little guy. After he was born I still ran into the same mental brain block that has kept me from doing anything about it in the past. I can’t think with counting calories, it pains me to be that pedantic. I can’t exercise for 6 weeks after the baby is born so that was out. I also still wanted nachos.

I then saw a friend at work who had lost some weight and she looked great. She was never heavy but the pounds she lost were noticeable. She said she did the Nulean diet that her husband was using at his chiropractor’s office and I took mental note to check it out. Shortly thereafter I checked it out and it looked like something I could do. I was definitely scared to spend the money on it in case I failed but at the same time the money I spent on it would be an incentive to make sure I didn’t mess up. I was also asked to write this blog about my experience with it – whether good or bad – so I figured that would be another way to keep me honest on it.

I will write this blog no matter if I fail or succeed. I will write about my true experience with it – no PR or fluff. Just how it goes. If it goes, I will be very happy and will be excited for other people to try it. Granted, I realize – as with any program – it’s not for everyone but if it works for me and I don’t crave nachos any more then I know my war has been won and I will have my body back.

– Steph

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By Mattingly Chiropractic, July 16, 2013