Natural Remedies for Pain at Mattingly Chiropractic

When pain strikes, it disrupts every aspect of your life. You want it to go away so badly, you might be tempted to take muscle relaxers and painkillers which can pose risks to your health.

At Mattingly Chiropractic, Dr. Dusty Mattingly and his staff provide pain relief with 100% natural healing techniques. You can relieve your pain without the ill-effects of drugs.

Pain Management

Through the skilled use of chiropractic care and Pressure Point Therapy, Dr. Dusty provides fast pain relief. Chiropractic adjustments help return balance and alignment to your body and Pressure Point Therapy helps relieve muscle tension and inflammation. Additionally, with Dr. Dusty’s holistic approach, he hones in on the underlying causes of pain to eliminate them for lasting results and more enjoyment of life.

Back Pain

While some practitioners recommend patients mask their back pain with medication, Dr. Dusty knows how to help the body heal from the root causes of pain. His immediate focus when he first sees you is relieving your back pain. He will then work with you to eliminate the fundamental causes of that pain so it doesn’t return.

Neck Pain

Stiff, sore necks make working, caring for your family or sleeping miserable. Dr. Dusty is highly trained in multiple techniques that can loosen a tight, painful neck and return it to pain-free flexibility.

Receive Free Pressure Point Therapy

Yes, you can feel better soon, even if you’ve been in pain for years. Experience the relief available from Pressure Point Therapy by coming in for a free Pressure Point Therapy appointment. Dr. Dusty is the only chiropractor in the St. Louis area to offer this rapid, noninvasive method of relaxing tight knots in muscles and relieving blocked nerve flow.

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