Nulean Day 7


I continued on the exact instructions since Day 4 and have officially lost 8 pounds. The past 3 days I slowed down on the daily weight loss but it’s totally OK with me.. I still lost more than I thought possible.

I am over my coffee cravings which I am happy about. I still have some sugar cravings calling my name but I saw a green powder mix that Nulean makes that you are supposed to take when you feel those cravings talking to you so I plan on asking Dusty about that when I go back on Friday.

My main food staple has been chicken kabobs which are tasty and follow along with the guidelines of the alkalizing foods I am supposed to be eating. I got steak kabobs on accident one night and they did not taste very yummy. Not due to being something I shouldn’t eat but just because red meat isn’t usually something I eat anyway. But, for some reason it sounded good that night.

I did cheat a few times after I lost the 8 pounds (I’m not perfect!) – once on a single Doritos chip which actually tasted fairly gross due to all the added preservatives and fake flavoring. I couldn’t believe that it tasted so bad…I thought that one chip would be sooo yummy after eating protein shakes and chicken all week but it was actually the opposite. I had no interest in eating any more. I had one other thing as well … I forget what it was but it had a similar effect. I was surprised how much my taste buds changed in only one week. I can attribute that to the cleanse, I am sure.

So, that’s my 7 days! Pretty happy with it and feel that I can easily continue on this path without too much effort. I am going back to see Dusty, D.C. tomorrow to see what he wants me to do next and will go from there.

– Stephanie

By Mattingly Chiropractic, June 29, 2013