Nutrition Response Testing in St. Louis, MO

To perform at your best and maintain health, your body needs the right nutrients. The problem is that our current agricultural and food processing methods strip many of the vital nutrients out of our food. Therefore, many of us end up being nutritionally deficient, even if we try to eat properly. This deficiency can result in a long list of physical and even mental difficulties. Provide the right nutrition and your body can heal itself. Your pain, lack of energy and mental fogginess can ultimately be replaced by energy, vigor and clarity.
Boost Your Body’s Ability to Heal

To address your dietary needs, Dr. Dusty provides Nutrition Response Testing in conjunction with laboratory testing.

The lab testing provides him with an overview of your health and an index to the areas of your body in need of attention.  The Nutrition Response Testing—a precise, scientific method of analyzing the body’s exact nutritional needs—enables Dr. Dusty to determine which foods and supplements will bring about a remarkable improvement.

You then receive a nutritional program that is exclusively tailored to your body’s precise needs to boost your immunity, energy and healing abilities.

Boost Your Body’s Ability to Heal
We Use Only Superior, Whole-Food Supplements

We supply only whole-food supplements that are derived from foods rich in the nutrients you need. In each pill or capsule, you not only receive vitamins and minerals, you get all the complex components that accompany them in nature. These supplements retain much more of their original life force and are therefore better able to be utilized by your body

Our goal is healing our patients and enabling them to live more active, enjoyable lives by providing exceptional acupuncture, nutritional and chiropractic care in the Greater St. Louis area. For every patient he sees, Dr. Dusty utilizes the right tools in his toolkit to help them recover from fatigue, back pain, neck pain, knee pain, menstrual problems, headaches and many other health conditions.

Discover a new life of restored energy and health with a Nutrition Response Testing program designed by Dr. Dusty. Call us today at 314-635-1008  to schedule an appointment or learn more.