Pain Relief for You and Me

Let’s talk about Pressure Point Therapy.  Many of the people who have become my patients over the years have done so because we’ve introduced them to Pressure Point Therapy.  However, it can be difficult to explain to other people – so here goes a simple description.  Use it with friends and family whose aches and pains can be helped by Pressure Point Therapy.

    Pressure Point Therapy is a process that releases accumulated pain and stress in the body.  These points of stress, if they are not released, are a major contributing factor for conditions such as:

  • migraines
  • carpal tunnel
  • joint pain

Pressure Point Therapy can be used successfully to help anyone with pain relief – and, unlike medications that are used to treat these conditions, there are no side effects.

As described by one of my patients:

“I received the pressure point therapy Mattingly Chiropractic provides. I’ve been to over 15 chiropractors over the past 20 years and never had pressure point therapy any where else. It is a very helpful therapy. I was also adjusted during my appointment. I mentioned a specific area I’d been having difficulty with and a couple others that crossed my mind during the adjustment and each one was addressed. Of all the Chiropractors I’ve been to Dr. Mattingly ranks up with my three favorite (each in different states of the country). He’s easy to talk to, listens well and even though the office is busy he ensures you are well taken care of. The suggestions of supplements and exercise were also each spot on. I felt tremendously better when I left.

“I’ve been to his office various other times with my family and Dr. Mattingly is wonderful with each member of my family all the way down to my 4 year old. He is excellent with my children, doesn’t talk down in the slightest and cares for each one very well. I would and have recommended this office to friends and family. I am very happy with the services I’ve received at Mattingly Chiropractic. As far as wait time, over the past year I have waited no more than 20 minutes to be serviced, usually it’s less than 5 minutes and I’m starting with the pressure point therapy.” – Actual Patient

I offer a free introductory session of Pressure Point Therapy to anyone who would like to see what it can do – and the pain relief it can provide.  Call me at 314-635-1008 to set an appointment, or click here to set an appointment online.


Dr. Dustan Mattingly, D.C.

By Mattingly Chiropractic, July 16, 2013