Mattingly Chiropractic Reviews

Able to do everything I used to!

When I first started coming to see the Doctor, my back hurt so bad that I couldn’t bend over, ride in the car or do much else without being in extreme pain. I was having a hard time at work, and was unable to pick up my 4yr old son. I became fed up with all the pain and decided to give chiropractors another shot. Now that I have been coming here for a few months, my pain is completely gone. I am able to do everything that I used to, and am very satisfied with how everything has gone. Dr. Mattingly and his staff have really helped me, and I am glad that I decided to come in.


I felt relieved after the first visit

“Around March 2019 I started chiropractic care and Pressure Point Therapy with Dr. Dusty at Mattingly Chiropractic. Before visiting Dr. Dusty, I visited several other chiropractors. None of them compare to Dr. Dusty.

“My lower back and neck were in so much pain, I lived on Aleve so I could sleep and walk, which was still not easy. I have suffered with this for many, many years as I was born with hip dysplasia that caused me to have several surgeries, including three major hip replacements on the left side. In addition, I have a desk job that wasn’t helpful to the back and neck either. Chronic civilian slump from staring at the computer all day!

“Then I found Dr. Dusty! I felt relieved after the first visit. I started on a full plan and financed it through Care Credit. It was the best decision I ever made for my health. In addition to the treatments, he gives you stretches to aid in healing. Dr. Mattingly also offers custom-made foot inserts. Also a lifesaving investment!

“Soon I will start a nutritional evaluation plan with vitamins and minerals that my body needs causing painful psoriasis on my fingers and feet, among other things. Stay posted for amazing results!

“Dr. Dusty is very thorough, focused, friendly, and caring. His entire staff is. It is worth the money. You CAN’T afford NOT to do this!

“Thank you, Dr. Dusty. I can now walk again and sleep again pain-free!”


Dr. Mattingly helped my daughter’s asthma

“My daughter was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 5 years. She has used a nebulizer and two inhalers. She has also had to use various medications, including steroids. She first began having chiropractic adjustments in July of 2001. Her asthma was eased when she began having the adjustments.

“During the pollen season her asthma will flare up, but there is relief when given an adjustment. Dr. Mattingly is very good with children, always explaining to them what he is going to do and showing them how the adjustment table works to ease their tensions and fears. My daughter enjoys her adjustments and likes talking to the doctor. Thank you, Dr. Mattingly, for helping to ease my daughter’s asthma and lessen the frequency of her attacks.”


I seem to have more energy and can perform better

“I was having pain in the back of my leg. I have been receiving services about 6 months and the leg does feel better! I seem to have more energy and can perform better in every day activities.”


I got my life back!

“For over 10 years I have lived with low back pain. I was in a car accident where my leg was broken, after getting out of the cast, I was up and about and went back to work doing hardwood floors and wood trim. I was bent over and on my knees a lot, the pain was about all I could bear at best, some days I would sit stretching my leg trying to relieve some of the pain. Luckily I came into Dr. Mattingly’s office, and in a few short weeks he has rid me of most of my pain. His knowledge and ability to get fast results allows me to be more productive at work and more alive when I get home to my kids. I get to roll around with them now rather than being worried about throwing out my back or having to withstand the pain of my back in order to enjoy their excitement.”


Treatment relieved pain after cancer surgery

“I came in with severe shoulder, neck and back pain. I hadn’t been to a chiropractor in about six years and was in serious need. I had cancer surgery in 2004 on my neck and it was extremely tight! The pains in my neck, shoulder and back really restricted my movements. I had one pressure point therapy session and I feel wonderful. I will be continuing with the therapy to keep those muscles relaxed and range of motion better. Thanks, Dr. Mattingly!”


Pressure Point Therapy helped

“I received Pressure Point Therapy at Mattingly Chiropractic. I’ve been to over 15 chiropractors over the past 20 years and never had pressure point therapy any where else. It is very helpful therapy. I was also adjusted during my appointment. I mentioned a specific area I’d been having difficulty with and a couple others that crossed my mind during the adjustment and each one was addressed.

“Of all the Chiropractors I’ve been to Dr. Mattingly ranks up with my three favorite (each in different states of the country). He’s easy to talk to, listens well and even though the office is busy he ensures you are well taken care of. The suggestions of supplements and exercise were also each spot on. I felt tremendously better when I left.

“I’ve been to his office various other times with my family and Dr. Mattingly is wonderful with each member of my family all the way down to my 4 year old. He is excellent with my children, doesn’t talk down in the slightest and cares for each one very well. I would and have recommended this office to friends and family. I am very happy with the services I’ve received at Mattingly Chiropractic. As far as wait time, over the past year I have waited no more than 20 minutes to be serviced, usually it’s less than 5 minutes and I’m starting with the pressure point therapy.”


Lost 18 pounds and feeling wonderful

“I feel great. Coming on a regular basis has improved my entire outlook. I eat better and am continually trying to improve my health because I know I’ll be going to see Dusty soon and he checks up on me. As far as my physical well-being, I lost 18 pounds and feel wonderful. All my ‘long term’ problems are gone. No more feet or wrist pains.”


Treatment saved me from surgery

“When I walked in around the end of May, my right shoulder was in such pain that hardly any movement would cause extreme pain. After about two months of pressure point therapy and adjustments the pain is gone and my flexibility is almost back to normal. With the pain that intense, the thought of surgery entered my mind. So to say that I am ‘thrilled’ with the results is an understatement. Thanks to the staff and especially Dr. Dusty.”


Severe pain is gone

“Dr. Mattingly is the best chiropractor I have EVER been to in my life. I have a history of lower back pain, neck pain and a general weakness of the muscles in my back.

“The other day, I was sleeping in a chair for half an hour. When I tried to get up, I couldn’t. The pain in my lower back was electrifying. I nearly collapsed in pain. The next day, as soon as I could get there, Dr. Mattingly gave me the best adjustment ever. I knew beforehand he could fix it. And he did. The pain was TOTALLY gone after the adjustment.

“I ‘bow down’ to you, Dr. Mattingly, because you deserve it, and because I CAN!”


No more knee pain

“I first came to Dr. Mattingly because my knee would go ‘out of whack’—get swollen and cause me to limp. It usually happened when I sat in the wrong kind of chair which pushed up on my thigh muscle and dislocated my knee. That was about 1 1/2 years ago, and I haven’t had trouble with that knee since then. One important aspect of Dr. Dusty’s manner is his ability to listen and take the time necessary for each patient.”


A pain free life

“I started treatment in January 2011 after attending a Pressure Point Therapy workshop. After about a year, I no longer have lower back pain. The Pressure Point Therapy along with adjustments has been successful toward a pain free life.”


I quit smoking with Auricular Therapy

“I have been wanting to thank you for helping me quit smoking. It has been a year now and I don’t even have a craving. I couldn’t have done it without you!”