Pressure Point Therapy, St. Louis, MO

Have you ever noticed tight, sore spots in your shoulders? Or sore spots in your neck or back or below your collarbone?

Those are “pressure points”—painful knots of energy located on your body’s nerve pathways. They prevent the normal flow of energy along your nerves and that means problems for you. Pressure Point Therapy, also known as trigger point therapy, relieves these problems, including:

 Leg and knee pain

 Lower back pain

 Back pain

 Neck pain

 Low energy

 Headaches and migraines

 Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

 Sinus problems

 Shoulder pain

How Pressure Point Therapy Works

When nerve flows are blocked, function at the far end of the nerve is disrupted. But when pressure points are released, nerves can begin to function more normally. Pressure Point Therapy is all about opening up nerve pathways by finding and releasing these tight, blocked pressure points to relieve pain.

The purpose of this therapy is to improve your well-being and relieve your pain. And it delivers.

Some common pressure point locations

Pressure Point Therapy with Chiropractic Care for Faster Results

Pressure Point Therapy is a perfect companion to your chiropractic care from Dr. Dusty. Your chiropractic adjustments will shift the vertebrae in your spine so they are in better alignment. But your muscles may need to adjust to these new positions. By combining Pressure Point Therapy with chiropractic adjustments, your muscles will adjust more quickly. Any nerves that were irritated by those misaligned vertebrae can finally relax, almost as if they are breathing a sigh of relief.

What Is Pressure Point Therapy Treatment Like?

Dr. Dusty looks for certain pressure points associated with symptoms such as headaches, neck pain, tightness in the lungs or back pain. The right pressure points are found and gentle pressure is applied as you breathe steadily and deeply. Very soon, this hard knot will melt away. As it does, nerve flow increases in this area. This is repeated in other areas until you experience improved well-being.

Available Only at Mattingly Chiropractic

Dr. Dusty Is the only Pressure Point Therapy provider in the Greater St. Louis Area

Dr. Dusty pursued in-depth pressure point training so he could offer this treatment to his patients and speed their healing from trauma or illness. He is the only practitioner to offer Pressue Point Therapy in the Greater St. Louis area.

Schedule a Complimentary Pressure Point Therapy Session

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how therapeutic this treatment can be.

Come see how refreshed and relaxed you can feel after a pressure point treatment session. To schedule your free session, call Mattingly Chiropractic in St. Louis now at 314-635-1008 or fill in the appointment request form on this page.

More About Pressure Point Thereapy

Dr. Michael Pinkus developed and wrote a book on Pressure Point Therapy so that anyone could learn how to use it.

In Dr. Pinkus’ book, you can learn more about how pressure points affect the body, how to find them and how to treat them. Purchase his book here.