Cleanse Your Body and Shed a Few!

It’s no surprise that our bodies are undernourished and overexposed to toxins today. Everyday we ingest preservatives in our food. Plus we’re also exposed to toxins from smoke,caffeine, pollution, and cosmetics, just to name a few! Daily exposure to these toxins can cause us to experience sluggish digestion, cravings, fatigue, headaches, and decreased libido.We also naturally produce toxins, ammonia and carbon dioxide, that build up in our bodies when they’re not working efficiently. With all of these toxins bombarding our bodies it is essential to detox and rejuvinate our bodies.

The Purification Program from Standard Process is 21 day program that kicks our overprocessed, preservative filled diets to the curb! The program consist of four whole food supplements along with plenty of fruits and vegetables. This regimen detoxifies your body and will help you shed quit a few pounds as your body begins to work efficiently! This purification program helps you adapt healthier eating habits over the course of the program; so unlike many “diets”, you keep off the weight you lose. Who doesn’t want a slimmer waistline and more energy!

By Mattingly Chiropractic, July 15, 2013