Referral Game 2013


The Motive?

Who doesn’t like to win free stuff. I know I do. You could receive a prize package of 6 treatments, up to a $530.00 value. You will also be helping your friends and family live happier healthier lives through natural healing chiropractic care.


The referral game is on now through September 30th, 2013


    Follow these rules:

  • Talk to as many people as you can. Friends and family, the lady at the grocery, the guy who sells you insurance, the person who does your hair, got the idea? EVERYBODY : – )
  • Give each of them a Care Enough to Share card for a free Pressure Point Therapy or a coupon to start up as a New Patient for 50.00 (180.00 value). Make sure you write your name on it so we know it came from you!
  • Once they schedule and arrive we’ll let you know and when they become a New Patient your name (just your initials or your secret code name) goes on the tally board for the referral. For each New Patient you’ve referred and started you’ll move forward one space.
  • The person who has the highest number of referrals by September 30th not only, moves forward on the game board and takes the lead, but will also receive a six visit package of treatments!
  • In the event of a tie the winning parties will be entered into a Refer-Off, where the winner will be determined by the the first of those to have another referral.
  • No cash value (unless prohibited by law, then cash value is $.005). No purchase necessary.
  • In order to redeem the prize the winner must be an existing patient or go through the process of becoming a patient of Mattingly Chiropractic by having your initial exam, X-ray, consultation and report of findings complete.
  • The winnings must be redeemed by one person and may not be divided amongst multiple patients.
  • Void where restricted or prohibited by law.

*A New Patient is defined as a someone who begins Chiropractic care with consult, exam, x-ray and
report of findings.


Anyone can play, also the prize can be collected by the winner or given to another patient of his or her choosing.

Are there tools available to help me WIN?

Yes, come pick up your starter kit and get a game piece with your name on it. This starter kit will give you a definite advantage.

Game On!

By Mattingly Chiropractic, August 26, 2013