The Real Reasons for Nagging Mid-Back Pain

There are several types of pain that get lots of attention, such as low back pain and neck pain. While those types of pain get lots of coverage and headlines, nagging mid-back pain is often overlooked. Meanwhile, plenty of people suffer this kind of pain that can make work, sleep or chores around the house difficult.

This type of pain shows up between the neck and the low back and can be felt as a dull ache, stabbing pain, burning sensation or muscle tightness and stiffness.

Chiropractic is great for addressing and resolving this kind of pain. There are twelve vertebrae in the thoracic region and they can become misaligned due to poor posture or some kind of trauma such as a fall. Lifting heavy objects or sitting in front of a computer for long hours can also result in mid-back pain. Chiropractic adjustments correct the misalignments and restore improved movement to these vertebrae. My patients can move better as well as feel better after a chiropractic adjustment.


Other Causes for Mid-Back Pain

While this pain may simply come from vertebrae that are misaligned and need adjusting, it can also come from ribcage problems. When the spine is twisted out of alignment, that can affect the ribcage and that can mean mid-back pain. There is very often tenderness right above the collarbone on the front of the body when there is a problem with the ribcage. Chiropractic has special adjusting methods that correct ribcage problems.

There is another possible cause of mid-back pain and that one might surprise you. That’s the gallbladder. When there’s pain over the right shoulder blade and the mid-back spine, I will often find that a patient has tenderness over the gallbladder. To make this determination, I will palpate the gallbladder, which means I will examine the area where the gallbladder is located by touching and pressing on it. When it’s sensitive and painful, then I know that this is likely to be contributing to the patient’s mid-back pain.

Chiropractic adjustments can improve gallbladder function by removing the pressure on nerves from misaligned vertebrae. I also often recommend high-quality nutritional supplements for my patients with gallbladder issues. These supplements can help reduce inflammation, detoxify the body and support improved gallbladder function.


What Makes Chiropractic Such a Great Solution for Mid-Back Pain

You might be able to get some short-term improvement by applying heat or cold to the area or by taking over-the-counter pain medication. But that improvement would only be temporary. The much better solution with a lasting effect is chiropractic care because it addresses the source of the problem: the misaligned vertebrae and their effects on the nerves and muscles in the area.

And if the source is a gallbladder with poor function, we can help there, too.

If you could benefit from lifestyle, diet or exercise changes to keep mid-back pain from coming back, we can help you there too. Basically, here’s the message: You don’t have to keep suffering! We want to help you live a pain-free life!


Pressure Point Therapy for Mid-Back Pain

There’s one more way we can improve mid-back pain and that is with Pressure Point Therapy. Have you ever felt a tight knot, almost like a marble embedded in your muscle? That’s called a pressure point. When just the right amount of pressure is applied to that point, the related muscle can relax and this results in a reduction or even elimination of pain.

Mid-back pain responds well to Pressure Point Therapy. We love to offer this therapy to our patients in addition to their chiropractic care. In the Greater St. Louis area, I am the only chiropractor offering this treatment. In fact, I offer this to people who are new to my practice as a complementary therapy. If you would like to experience the relief of Pressure Point Therapy, call my office at 314-310-8359 and schedule an appointment to see how quickly Pressure Point Therapy can make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. I look forward to seeing you in my office soon!


About Dr. Dustan Mattingly: Dr. Dusty discovered chiropractic after it helped him recover from an injury he suffered while in the military. Chiropractic eliminated his neck pain, sparing him the ill effects of painkillers and surgery. He graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa and then went on to study additional chiropractic techniques, the specialized treatment of sports and accident injuries and nutrition. He also mastered the art of Pressure Point Therapy to improve patients’ response to treatment. With this specialized technique, he found he could provide increased relief from pain and muscle dysfunction and help a patient recover more quickly from the effects of stress or injuries.

By Dustan Mattingly, December 11, 2023