Vampire beasts, Star Trek and your health

Do you all remember the Star Trek episode quite a few years ago in which this alien creature was able to suck salt right out of a body?  It was an interesting episode.  The creature took on the shape of a beautiful woman and then shifted into an ugly hairy salt sucker with suction cups on its hands.  The salt sucker attached its hands to an unsuspecting victim only to kill it by sucking the salt right out of the body.  One of the big problems in this episode too was that Bones had fallen in love with her!  It was very dramatic when it finally came to a head. Just because I love it so, I’ve embedded it in this blog – please enjoy it.  

However… that brings me to my reason for writing this article.  A few days ago a patient came into my office having had the salt extracted right out of her body!  The culprit, however, was slightly less dramatic than a vampire creature.   In this case, the culprit wasthe heat produced by the Sun!  That’s right, the Sun did it and did it without suction cups to an unsuspecting victim.  Salt is one of the four major minerals in the body (the others being Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium).  It is so important that without it bad things will happen to your body.  I know too that Salt has been given a bad rap over the years.  In spite of the bad news it is required and needed for the body to function properly.  So, if you are sweating a lot maybe you should consider taking Sea Salt Tablets.  We have Sea Salt Tablets available at our office.  Give me a call at (314) 963-9050 today for yours!

By Mattingly Chiropractic, July 18, 2013