Vitamins: Natural vs. Synthetic

Many of my St. Louis Chiropractic Clinic patients ask me about what vitamins they should be taking. Did you know that most of the vitamins on the market today are synthetic? Take for example Vitamin B1. This vitamin is called either Thiamine Mononitrate or Thiamine HCL on most vitamin labels. This form of B1 is made from coal tar which is a compound made from processing coal. Look at the label on your vitamins. Chances are your vitamin has as one of its ingredients Thiamine Mononitrate or Thiamine HCL–Coal Tar! If so, get rid of the bottle and replace it with Catalyn, a whole food multivitamin from Standard Process. You will feel the difference! Contact Us to order.

By Mattingly Chiropractic, July 18, 2013