Wellness Scale

Directions: Look over the Wellness Scale and decide what your own personal health index is. Anything below 50 is not considered healthy.

Wellness Scale

Here are some other interesting notes regarding the Wellness Scale:

  • From 30 to 0 on the Wellness Scale, the medical profession awaits. This is where the MD’s work the best and this is the level of health they promote. Their reality is firmly fixed here. This is why many MD’s cannot picture how or why Pressure Point Therapy works and would be very skeptical of it. Procedures here include the dispensing of drug prescriptions, medical tests, surgeries and being told “You have to live with it”
  • When a person is at 30 Pain/Sickness/Rundown and they go to the doctor, the doctor usually prescribes a medication. The medication will oftentimes mask the pain/symptom so the person does not feel the symptom. This raises the person on the scale by 10 to 40 Low Energy/Fatigue. It is a commonly known fact that most medications have side effects of zapping a person’s energy, resulting in drowsiness and being tired, or 40 on the Wellness Scale.
  • When a person is at 40 Fatigue, it is really no better than being at 30, because a person’s immune system lowers greatly and their susceptibility to disorders increases considerably when they are fatigued or have low energy. They then fall down the scale by 10 back to the area of 30 Pain/Sickness/Rundown. This creates a vicious circle that eventually wears a person down to 20, where they then have a diagnosed condition or disease process.
  • One of the most dangerous places to be is at 50 No Symptoms. A person here marvels at waking up with no pain, not having a headache and not being sick. This is dangerous because most people feel this is the best place they could be. Many serious or even fatal conditions have NO SYMPTOMS connected with them. There are higher states of health.
  • At 60 High Energy  true health care really begins. We stated that Health = Function. Here we find a person beginning to function much better. When Pressure Point Therapy is applied, it helps reduce the stress along the nerves. As the nerve blockages release, the nerves begin to function better. The body’s energy can then flow through the body. The result: higher energy.
  • 70, 80 and 90 on the Wellness Scale represent very high states of health. The body’s immune system is working and zapping both bacteria, viruses, fungus’s and cells that are abnormal, such as cancer – and – arthritis type cells.
  • A person “ages” more slowly, too: Every three to four months the body replaces all of the cells with new ones. “Aging” could be considered as having substandard replacement cells. The replacements are either good cells or they aren’t. At higher levels of health, the body can recognize if a cell is abnormal and use the power of the immune system to remove it so it doesn’t multiply and create a condition. For your information, the Immune system is controlled by the Nervous System in the body.
  • When a person is below the point of 70 Immune Function, they are often getting sick. How many people do you know who “get everything”? If you are at 70 you are not so apt to get sick. If you do, you bounce back quickly.
  • The major characteristic of health states above 50 is that a person does not have their attention on their body. Someone below 50 consistently knows that they are hurting or not feeling well; their body is giving them a problem.

 Again, Pressure Point Therapy is a valuable tool for helping you and your family increase their position on the Wellness Scale. Contact Mattingly Chiropractic today to learn more.

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By Mattingly Chiropractic, February 11, 2015