What happened last week?

Or, for that matter, what happened yesterday? Do you ask yourself those questions and seemingly find no answer or just give up due to BRAIN FOG? Well, you are not alone. Memory loss, not thinking clearly and BRAIN FOG are problems in this country and the major causes are as follows:

  • Cholesterol-lowering drugs. These drugs cause liver damage, muscle damage, heart damage and hormone imbalances. Cholesterol is very important in the manufacture of hormones. Take away cholesterol and you take away needed hormones.
  • Antacids of all kinds. Antacids impair or stop digestion of B vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are very important for the brain to function.
  • Flu Shots! Flu shots contain preservatives and mercury. Mercury is the most brain-toxic substance on earth.
  • Pollution of the environment that gets into your body—That’s right, your body is polluted!

Here are some things that you can do:

  • Talk to your medical doctor about natural alternatives. For every drug there is a natural, safe approach.
  • Talk to Dr. Mattingly, D.C. about natural, safe alternatives. We have a complete line of whole food supplements and herbal products.
  • Read the book Clear Body Clear Mind by L. Ron Hubbard and do that program. Go to www.clearbodyclearmind.org to find out more.
By Mattingly Chiropractic, July 10, 2013