What is a Vertebral Subluxation? And What Are the Symptoms?

Did you know 75 percent of all visits to medical doctors are due to muscular-skeletal problems — primarily neck-pain and lower back pain? But a lot of those people scheduling appointments to the doctor don’t realize their symptoms are actually a direct result of a vertebral subluxation.

A vertebral subluxation occurs when your spine is not aligned properly, which causes swelling around specific vertebrae. And that swelling puts pressure on the surrounding nerves.

Many people who experience a subluxation of the spine experience pain midway down the back, right between the shoulder blades. And the nerves coming from that area of the spine connect to the stomach, liver and gallbladder. This means that even if you’re experiencing problems with those organs, it could, in fact, be a symptom of a vertebral subluxation.

Many people try to fix swelling along the spine with prescription drugs, but that doesn’t target the source of the problem. A chiropractic adjustment is really the best way to approach a vertebral subluxation, and that’s what we focus on.

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By Mattingly Chiropractic, April 15, 2020