Where to turn for help

Carolyn Carter has been kind enough to take a break from the final preparation of her book for publication to write this blog about a product that she uses and appreciates.

I’ve talked a lot about what you shouldn’t take when it comes to menopause. Synthetic HRT sounds scary. Even the newer bioidenticals could be iffy. So, if you’re looking for another solution, you might look at Metagenics. I’ve mentioned them a couple of times because I’m taken with the idea of a company dedicated to researching and combining ingredients that are natural—and proven to work. I’ve seen a few individuals who attempt this, but sometimes they fall short of the mark or charge waaaay too much for what they’re selling. How are you supposed to afford some of those supplements on a regular basis?

Metagenics is different in several ways. They’re reasonably priced—some products can run up to $40, and some are less. Also, they’re only provided through healthcare practitioners—which is good for an experimenter like myself. When the symptoms are more acute, or longer lasting, I like to talk to someone who has more knowledge than I have. Sometimes it’s good to hear a professional opinion. I’m so impressed, in fact, that I’m going to try some of their products myself.

Listed below are a few supplements for menopause, but they have products to cover a range of health conditions. Check them out: www.metagenics.com. I even like their slogan: Genetic potential through nutrition. This is what their website says:

Estrovera—Clinically proven to reduce hot flashes, sleep disturbances, physical and emotional exhaustion, joint and muscle complaints, urinary tract symptoms, vaginal dryness

Fem Estro HP – Relieves symptoms of menopause, including spontaneous sweats, tension or anxiety

Fem Osteo HRT – Bone nutrition health for use with HRT

Fem Estro Plex – Targeted nourishment for early menopause. Supports cardiovascular health, circulation and relaxation, and supports adrenal glands adaptive response

Fem Essentials – Comprehensive vitamin and mineral formula

Their website goes into greater details as to what some of the products contain, but again, a healthcare practitioner can help guide you in the right direction. I’m a reader so I like to know all I can before I try something. If you aren’t a reader, just ask the professional. They can provide the guidance you need and get you feeling better faster.

Take the first step. Ask for help if you need it.

Dr. Mattingly, D.C. is an authorized Metagenics provider.  Please contact our office if you have any questions about the products listed here.  (314) 963-9050

By Mattingly Chiropractic, July 16, 2013